Single in the Springs is a podcast by Meagan Thomas and Madeline Hoeppner about relationships, dating, and single life in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Both women have been on their fair share of bad dates, not to mention their own mess-ups. While dating can be both fun and a nightmare, we’re not in it alone. You’ll hear stories ranging from funny tales of men with strange butt tattoos, to more serious discussion of what to do when you have a gut feeling things aren’t OK. Whether you’re with your person, looking for Mr.Right, or just need a reason to laugh, we’ve got you.


Meagan Thomas

Marketing & PR Agency Owner, Writer, founder  @SpringsNative and @SingleintheSprings. I could lie and pretend I have hobbies other than eating and fitness, but surprisingly the two things that most people do just to stay alive are really the only things I’m passionate about. Other interests include happy hour, sitting in the sunshine, reading and bubble baths. Don’t worry, if we’ve dated and you were terrible, I won’t use your name when I talk about you on this podcast. And if I was terrible I’ll probably make myself sound better than I really was.

Madeline Hoeppner

Western Mass raised event planner, foodie, maple syrup addict and adventure junkie. Hobbies include: hiking, skiing, camping, traveling, New England sports teams, and petting ALL the dogs. Turn-ons: sense of humor, passion for movie references, and cooking skills. Turn-offs: cheapness and bad conversationalists. You can find me in the mountains, at a pizza joint, or in the tub. If we’ve dated or are going to date in the future, you will be talked about on this podcast. You’ve been warned xo